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A modest 3-bed contemporary energy efficient dwelling

Contemporary dwelling with echos of the traditional vernacular architecture of Cork 

Planning had been originally refused for a dwelling here. With this in mind we designed a contemporary dwelling with echos of the traditional vernacular architecture of Cork county, which is site specific. The other ‘hurdles’ were identified, and solutions found that the planning  department were favourable too.

The building is orientated so the fenestration (window size and location) and the internal layout maximise the passive solar heat gain and light. The dwelling is well insulated, air-tight and mechanically ventilated. This provides a warm, comfortable and healthy dwelling which will reduce the required heating and energy input. A ‘zen’ window on the landing, frames an ever-changing view of the hills beyond.

“Alan guided us through the house design and planning processes with understanding, good humour and attention to detail. He has a unique talent for understanding exactly what we wanted for our new home. We absolutely love our home which is full of unique features which we would never have thought of ourselves. It was a pleasure to work with Alan from start to finish. We would highly recommend Wiseman Designs.”

Jenny O’ Neil, Co. Cork