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Home Design House Plans

Initially, we establish any specific planning restrictions. We then sit down and listen, establish your desires and needs, architectural likes/dislikes and so forth. We then produce initial sketch designs for discussion. Revisions and amendments are carried out and through this process we will settle on our final house design. You will never feel out of control during the whole process. We wish this experience to be an enjoyable for you. A better design invariably reveals itself.


We have a quantity surveyor on hand to give you detailed cost analysis, if required.

Planning Permission

We will deal with the complete pre-planning process, liaising with the planning department, neighbours etc as required.  A well thought through proposal and design tends to be more favourable with all interested parties and lends to a speedier submission and grant of permission from the planning authorities.

Once the application is lodged, all necessary correspondence to facilitate the planning process will be dealt with by us. Over the years, we have developed a thorough understanding of the planning process with a high success rate with applications.

Project Build

When you decide to develop we can facilitate you every step of the way. We have strong links with engineers, builders and the various consultants involved in all the aspects of the build process. We also have developed strong connections with leading experts in the area of green building techniques and renewable energies.

Successful projects come from good teamwork and a strong commitment to good design and quality. We like to work hand in hand with our clients and consultants achieving the best possible outcome.  All done in a professional, efficient and personal manner.

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